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Appartment in Keratsini

Giving smart solutions our office , focused on proper management of space while creating a pleasant environment . The earthy shades with materials (stone, wood) selected in the living room give a Mediterranean Country chic character , while in other areas the decor varies . Specifically the master bedroom exudes the glamor of mystery that hides the sea and the stories inspired by the occupation of the owner who is a seaman .
The nursery of small Katerina inspired by Apple . From an apple did not start the Trojan War ; In fairy tales we find in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty ... is identified with knowledge and overcoming human . It is the symbol of origin for the human journey . '' What matters is the journey of search '' as saying Cavafy . The fruit of knowledge into practice . The shape, I would say that is female ! The curve was always characteristic of femininity .
    The colors , the shape , the symbolism hidden in this fruit has been the source of my inspiration for the nursery of small Katerina . The mural depicts a little girl dancing happily in the field, the illumination focus and highlights specially designed room Katerina furniture , changing the color , shape and imagery dream fairytale able to excite from the smallest to the biggest ...
Correspondingly son's room the family is inspired by one of the most famous fictional heroes in classical mythistoriografeia , Captain Nemo . Typical phrase "The sea does not belong to despots . On the surface they can do whatever they want to engage even the unjust laws , fighting , devouring one another , and to indulge in all the earthly horror . But a few feet below her, the power ceases , their influence fades and sovereignty disappears . Only in the depths of the seas is independence . There I am free ! ... ". The mural , lighting , specially designed furniture creates the environment to participate mentally small Stefanos adventures of Captain Nemo