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Mind map school

Interior design, Ag. Paraskevi

Three months ago, I received a phone call from three new guys full of excitement enthusiasm loving and courageous for what they were dreaming to do and with a touching effort to serve it the better it is. Elisavet Kechagia, Effie Koutraki, Giota Drakopoulou wanted to offer the knowledge through the best one today. An innovative multi-center education focusing on the teaching of pupils - children, adolescents, adults - with or without learning differences (Dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger, Behavioral and Emotional Difficulties).
Their vision inspired me and I felt from the first moment part of their group. It was also a personal bet to create a unique prototype school. Worthy of the flame of their soul and the great work they intended to offer to children with learning disabilities. Inspiration, love, challenge together ....
I envisioned an INSPIRED, LEARNING,CREATIVE educational area. An environment that will develop free people. Maybe that's why white dominates almost all of them like a canvas ... so that children can freely inspired by  words, symbols, forms of humanity and give the color and intensity they want to themselves. Word, Man, Art, Universe, Nature create the scene of the space. They all coexist silently or not, as long as anyone wants to insist on it, to think.
Curves and straight lines alternate between each other interrupting one another. That's life, maybe ..
Magic books, with heroes in holograms inside, are in lighted colorful cylinders that magnetize and invite students to read them. The Tree, the "wise" and observer of life, sometimes narrating stories and sometimes listening to those of the children, always in the white ... accompanied by the Light!
Learning stations, symbolically the KNOWLEDGE is placed one level higher than all other spaces. Knowledge is there, invites the student to choose it, to pass it on, to illuminate it since it already has it inside. Above every study place and a light circle without a beginning, without an end.. As Socrates says "the only thing I know is that I know nothing". Light in the shape of lightning, and a special construction made of colored tubes that acts like a game of sound. The challenge is whether they will be able to hear what the other person tells them. A few can listen ...
Mind Map Team knowing your love for children, the high vision you have, the excellent knowledge and experience you have with your children and your intention to provide HIGH QUALITY LEARNING to people, offering VALUES, I wish you wholeheartedly to be always strong, inspired, example for young people and young people and embrace this innovation in the world of education!


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