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School of Foreign Languages

Interior design in Aidipsos

A small area of 40 sq.m. pilot was designed so as to meet the temporary needs of a Foreign Language to be transferred to a larger . However , although temporary , the owner wanted to be equally stylish and ergonomically correct with the future professional roof. Respecting the needs of proposed solutions playful without necessarily being a baby and appeals to all ages. , Small and large circles are placed in irregular row opposite the entrance door creating a striking backdrop with a Pop mood. On the other hand, the poem by Kipling'' If'' is to '' touch '' and puzzled people who will attend the site ... Τwo windows in circular shape created so as not to lose sight of the classroom with the waiting room. In teaching space decoration is minimal in order to better concentration of students . The only intervention was the blue construction, in order to separate the area of students with the professor . The colors chosen are white, blue and red. 


Educational areas