The creative agency '' Interior Design by Aliki Kaklamanou'' introduces a new service to '' On Line Decoration '' , aiming to deal with projects in Greece and abroad . With On Line Decoration you can study for a complete decoration of your space , whether professional or private with 50 % discount!

To make this clearer , a complete study includes the following services from our office :

  • Design plan with furniture layout
  • Three-dimensional design (Autocad, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop) with full performance details
  • Design aspects
  • Construction plans.
  • Electrical - Hydraulic plans
  • Lighting Design
  • Materials
  • Colours


Configuring child-teenager room with 25% discount!

The creative agency'' Interior Design by Aliki Kaklamanou'' having the knowledge and experience required for the formation of the child and Young Adults room, and having a team of professionals (painters, carpenters, upholsterers, electricians, etc.) are able to form an exciting space satisfying every activity of the child-adolescent (read, play, creative play, rest, etc)

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